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Rendezvous takes place every Wednesday afternoon from 1pm-3pm at New Life. It’s a get together for the over sixties with a focus on fun and fellowship in a loving, caring environment. Numbers vary each week from fifteen to twenty five.

God placed the vision for Rendezvous on the heart of Kay McCabe (wife of Bill, one of our elders) back in 2011 and she currently co-ordinates a volunteer team of six helpers.

When Rendezvous started in 2015, the plan was to provide tea and cakes to those attending, but the team soon realised that those attending would benefit from sharing a light lunch together.  Sharing food together is a great way of encouraging conversations, which is important as some of those who come to Rendezvous are lonely and isolated. The weekly meal gives the helpers and those attending a chance to chat, catch up and get to know one another. For some this is the only opportunity they get other than at a Sunday meeting, to meet with others.

New Life supports Rendezvous financially, but Rendezvous has also been helped by one of our New Life family who is able to deliver donated food parcels from a local supermarket.

Rendezvous has provided emotional and practical support to members through hospital visits, regular prayers said at each meeting, and pick-ups and drop offs from member’s homes.

Rendezvous has successfully held two Christmas lunch parties, two volunteer musical presentations, guest singers (normally every two weeks) and in the summer we have a BBQ. There is a lot of laughing and dancing and sessions usually end with the singing of the Rendezvous theme song, “We’ll Meet Again”.

Rendezvous will be celebrating their second birthday on April 12th, with a special staff presentation of the best bits from the musical Grease!

Prayers are requested to support:
– For funds to enable us to enjoy a day out to the seaside with a fish and chip lunch.
– For more committed volunteers to help at Rendezvous.
– For others to be a part of the fun and fellowship at Rendezvous.


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