You may encounter problems when trying to listen to or download the sermon podcasts. If you're problem is not listed here please email for further assistance.

Current Known Issues:

Can't download sermons when using Firefox

Some Firefox users may be unable to download the sermons from the 'Sermon Downloads' page. When clicking 'download' next to a sermon Firefox defaults to stream the file using a quicktime plug-in instead of downloading it. We are currently working on this problem. In the meantime you could use a different internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari) or you can do the following:

1) Keep this window open and go back to the sermon downloads page.

2) Navigate to your desired sermon. Right-click 'download' and select 'Save Link As...'.

3) A window will appear. Change the filename from download.php to download.mp3 (Hint: If downloading multiple sermons you may find it easier to manage your downloads by changing each filename to the title of the respective sermon.)

4) Select the location on your computer to save the file and click 'Save'.


Sermon ends unexpectedly

If you are listening by pressing play on the media player you may find that the final chunk of the sermon gets cut off (this is no more than 60 seconds). We are currently working on this problem. In the meantime, you could instead download the sermon and listen to it on your computer.


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